Zentre’s new yoga range! Which one is right for you?

Zentre’s new yoga range! Which one is right for you?

Yoga is a cornerstone of wellness and has numerous health benefits, from increased flexibility and better circulatory health to injury protection – but only when it’s practiced safely and the very equipment you use is important for that.

Even for entry level Yoga, cheap latex and rubber mats are not only environmentally bad, they’re also a danger to the user – slipping, rapid degredation and toxic byproducts are the norm. That’s why we recommend Zentres range of quality mats, they’ll last a long time, won’t cost the earth and will keep you safer.

But which mat is right for you? Zentre’s mats are manufactured using an excellent natural rubber grip base, they differ on the surface, the material that you make contact with and each has various benefits.

PU Rubber (All Around Resilience)

Polyurethane rubber is very smooth and pleasant to the touch – despite being smooth PU gives a very firm grip from the start of practice to the end and can be very long lasting if cared for properly.

PU surfaces can be prone to scratching, so do avoid scrubbing and ensure you roll and store the mat properly. Keep it away from oil, grease and avoid using hand-cream or alcohol based detergents as these can destroy the PU surface.

Cork (Anti-Allergy, Natural and Renewable)

Cork is becoming more and more popular. Being natural, renewable, antibacterial and anti-allergy it’s a near perfect material to use for a yoga mat!

Cork doesn’t absorb moisture, but thanks to the resin present within it, it’s extremely anti-stick – it also grips more, the more you sweat, so it’s perfect for fast paced yoga practice!

You can find out more about the impressive features of cork in a previous blog post found here.

Suede (Hot Yoga Star)

Like Cork, Suede is becoming very popular as well – the microfibers act and feel like a yoga towel and absorb moisture and sweat rapidly.

Grip increases with moisture, so a Suede surface is recommended for hot yoga.

While possible to use for more static styles of yoga, we’d recommend to moisten hands and feet, or damp the mat itself slightly, prior to getting started.

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