We’re Going Cork Crazy With Our Yoga Equipment

We’re Going Cork Crazy With Our Yoga Equipment

You may have noticed that here at Hadwell and Jones we’ve had a big push on stocking cork products within our Yoga selection; but you might not know why.

You’ve likely seen, if not heard of, people using yoga equipment manufactured from Cork – it looks absolutely fantastic, but there are several reasons to use them other than this!

Cork is Eco-Friendly

Cork is made from the outer layer of the Quercus Suber tree, commonly called the “Cork Oak”. Different from wood, which is very slowly growing and which will kill the tree whene harvested, the Cork Oak Tree regenerates the harvested bark. Making it renewable and environmentally friendly.

What’s more, harvested Cork Trees absorb 3-4 times more Co2 than non harvested trees – so harvesting provides additional benefit to the environment.

Supporting cork products allows us, and you, to make a positive impact on the environment.

Cork Provides Excellent Grip

Yoga equipment, especially supporting equipment like mats, blocks and other props, need to provide substantial grip. A slippy mat will inevitably end in disaster.

Unlike other materials, cork doesn’t require breaking in and also provides a superior grip when wet. Moisture (Or more likely sweat!) works in combination with the natural wax Suberin contained within the cork and provides this beneficial grip.

For intense sessions, cork actually wicks sweat away preventing pooling, which can cause slipping. There’s no need to break your flow and wipe away unsightly pools.

If your cork materials aren’t providing you enough grip when completely dry, you can always improve that by spraying a little water before practice.

Cork is Antimicrobial

Cork naturally kills bacteria, germs and odours. It also helps repel mould and mildew. This is in part due to the structure of cork itself and due to the wax which acts as an effective barrier.

Cork is considered a hypoallergenic material for these reasons and can reduce dust and other allergens that trigger allergic reactions, such as asthma.

Cork is easy to clean.

Unlike traditional plastic or foam yoga equipment, cork is exceptionally easy to clean. Due to the protective waxy layer, and its incredible antimicrobial properties, a little water can be used to wipe down the product, rather than using any chemicals.

Cork is really a wonder in the Yoga world and we can’t wait to expand our range. As with all our products, we only bring them to you once our in-house quality testing provides the thumbs up, so you can be sure you receive the best quality cork products right here, from Hadwell and Jones.

Check out our current cork products here.

From all of us here at H&J, happy practicing!

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