Snapdragon Heritage Childrens Pink Bicycle

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Introducing the Emmelle Snapdragon, a girls’ classic heritage bike! This model features a lively pink colorway. Traditional detailing and style provide a retro looking bike and complete with modern components making things stress-free and relaxed for your girl. Comforting features, such as easy to reach brake levers and high-rise handlebars provide an upright riding position and soft rubber grips for ample of comfort! The Snapdragon has been built upon a steel heritage style frame, featuring the iconic sweeping ‘low-step’ top tube to make hopping on and off ease and assisting with keeping your child looking ahead. 

Fitted with padded brown junior sprung saddle takes away those bumps for a smoother ride and white non-slip pedals keeps your child feet safely in position. 20″ alloy rims keep things light, well-proportioned and smooth – perfect for those leisurely weekend rides with Mum and Dad! Up front the Snapdragon comes with a full wicker basket and attached to the bike via brown leather straps, ideal for carrying books, helping with the shopping, or going for those weekend family picnics! In addition, the bike comes with full colour-coordinated front and rear mudguards to divert the spray away for a cleaner riding experience. To keep your child’s clothing free from the bikes moving components is with thanks to the ‘hockey-style’ chain guard and keeps hands from reaching in.
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