Pampawed Pets Water Fountain 2.4L

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Household pets often have problems with hydration, natural instincts tell animals not to drink from stagnant pools of water (such as bowls) due to the high risk of bacteria and disease present in non-running water. This can result in dangerously low hydration, anxiety around drinking and other problems.

The solution is here with Pampawed’s incredible water fountain. The flowing water encourages animals to drink and eliminates the stagnant water anxiety and risk.

Running-water is not the only thing this water fountain provides, it also utilises active filtration with a triple-action system with water softening functions to ensure safer, cleaner and fresher drinking water for your pets –  you can say goodbye to water quality problems.

Unlike other pet water fountains, the Pampawed fountain features an all steel surface which ensures bacteria and other impurities can be whisked away quickly and filtered out, rather than left to grow. This also allows for easy cleaning and keeps your pets’ water fresher for longer.

The fountain is ideal for small to medium animals and the filtration, combined with a large capacity, means there’s no need to add water frequently.

Ideal for cats, rabbits, birds, small and medium dogs.


  • Triple flow mode
    • Like humans, different animals have different preferences! Encourage them to drink by experimenting with the different flow settings and see what they prefer.
  • UQ Pump Technology
    • With an ultra quiet pump (less than 45dB) the fountain won’t alarm your pets, making their fountain the number one place to hydrate and recharge. The UQ Pump also offers a very low power consumption, saving you money.
  • Quality materials, manufacturing and quadruple filtration.
    • The functional tray is made of food grade stainless steel – ensuring that this surface is corrosion resistant, BPA free and non-toxic – all of which are highly important for your pets. The quadruple filtration can filter fine particles, hair, heavy metal ions and other impurities to ensure that other contaminants that may be introduced, aren’t ingested.
  • Huge 2.4 Liter Capacity
    • No need to add water frequently, the large holding capacity and the excellent filtration system will keep your water fresher for longer. No need to worry about running low either, as the pump will automatically cut out if there’s no water left, to ensure yours and your pets safety, as well as the longevity of your fountain.
  • LED Indicator
    • The water tank LED allows you to see the water level quickly and easily, day or night. Not only is this functional, it also serves to attract your pets to drink and guides them in the dark.
  • No Fuss Setup and Cleaning
    • Designed to be quick and easy to assembled, disassemble and clean; this simple addition can keep your pet hydrated and happy with next to maintenance!
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